Next film 26 August


(Lebanon 2018, 2hr 06, Cert 15) A 12-year-old from the slums of Beirut runs away from his abusive home, ends up on the street looking after a baby, and eventually sues his parents for neglect. Stars Syrian refugee child actor Zain al Rafeea. ‘Heart-breaking .. Brings home what poverty and desperation mean, and conversely what love and humanity mean too,’ – Guardian. Voted 2018 Best Picture runner-up on IMDb. Trailer

Coming 30 September

Babette’s Feast

(Denmark 1987, 1hr 43, Cert U) A film classic – the endearing, simple tale, set in a strict 19th century Danish religious community that takes in a French refugee from the Franco-Prussian War as a servant to the late pastor’s daughters. (See picture following) Trailer

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