2019 annual meeting

Chairman Colin Davison thanked treasurer Sue Hilton, secretary Paul Clark, Carrie Wade, members of the selection committee, website builder Andrew Cordery and all who had helped set up during the year for their support.

During 2019 two extra films had been added to the season, sub-titles adopted for all films, this website was launched, two staff – Fiona and Ben – employed to put out chairs and serve refreshments, with wine now available, hosts appointed to greet newcomers, the find-a-friend scheme introduced, and post-screening social gatherings arranged at the Corner Cupboard. Discussion was planned to further improve the conviviality of Abbey Fields as a venue.

It was planned to transfer the DVD library to Abbey Fields, for which volunteer librarians were sought. Abbey Fields chairman John Gerrard outlined plans to upgrade the sound and projection equipment.

WFS finances had almost exactly broken even in 2019 and it was agreed, on the basis of the extra films shown and the investment planned that subscriptions for 2020 should be £24.

The existing committee was re-elected without a vote. Any members wishing to join the selection committee were asked to contact the chairman.