Past films and ratings

Can you ever

forgive me?

Friday 3 January

UK 2018: 1hr 40m, Cert 15.

A big turn-out, including another three new members, for the first film of the year, which won an approval rating of 51 good, 6 OK and no poor scores, an overall score of 94.7%. And a good attendance too for the post-film discussion.

Stellar performances from Melissa McCarthy and REG. A terrific movie and a thoroughly enjoyable evening – Mike S

Credence of a true story, bleak existence of isolated city dwellers – Bob S.

Richard E Grant was superb, excellent acting and so different to his usual persona – Sue S.

Really well acted. John thoroughly enjoyed it, I thought it was OK. I like the introductions – you can’t please everybody – Sheila M.

Excellent film combining aspects of loneliness, personal affirmation and poverty – Nigel S.

Past films and ratings

Films shown at WFS since its relaunch in 2014, all of which are still available for loan from the library.  Approval ratings are based on a score of 2 for Good, 1 for OK and 0 for poor, irrespective of the size of the audience.

2014: Audience favourites – Untouchable and Oranges and sunshine

Early January: Untouchable                   97%

Late January: A hijacking                        89.5%

February: The angel’s share                    80%

March: Wadjda                                            95.5%

April: Bicycle thieves                                66.5%

May; Oranges and sunshine                   97%

June: The well-digger’s daughter        95.5%

September: The secret in their eyes    86%

October: Searching for Sugarman        83%

November: The white ribbon                  79%

2015: Audience favourite – I’ve loved you so long

Early Jan: I’ve loved you so long        98%

Late January: Some like it hot               87%

February: The hunt                                   92%

March: The lunch box                               78%

April: London river                                     89.5%

May: Two days one night                         86%

June: Jean de Florette                            94.5%

September: Ida                                          78%

October: About Elly                                  72.5%

November: A good woman                     82.5%

2016: Audience favourite – Manon des Sources

Early January: Little Miss Sunshine     96%

Late January: Man on wire                     97%

February: In a better world                     91.5%

March: Selma                                              88%

April: Wild Tales                                           78.5%

May: Pride                                                    95.5%

June: The artist                                          81%

September: Philomena                             94.5%

October: Argo                                              86.5%

November: Manon des Sources              98%

December: Woman in gold                       94.5%

2017: Audience favourite – Like father like son

January: What we did on our holidays  96.5%

February: Locke                                          69%

March: Like father like son                       97%

April: Carol                                                   50%

May: Night train to Lisbon                       88%

June: Le concert                                       95%

September: 45 years                                66%

October: Human capital                           83%

November: Love is strange                      74%

2018: Audience favourite – A united kingdom

Early January: Sully                                   98%

Late January: Love and friendship        73%

February: Mother                                        62.5%

March: I, Daniel Blake                                 95.5%

April: Eye in the sky                                    93%

May: Barbara                                                86.5%

June: A United Kingdom                           99%

September: Tangerines                             95%

October: Midnight in Paris                        93.5%

November: Of time and the city              83.3%

December: Paddington 2                          n/a

2019: Audience favourites – The fencer and Hidden figures

Early January: Lion                                    96.1%

Late January: The fencer                       100%

February: Loving Vincent                         90.8%

March: Hidden figures                             100%

April: Julieta                                                n/a

May: Film stars don’t die in Liverpool    62%

June: Fargo                                                  n/a

July: Rebelove (Rebels)                             n/a

August: Run Lola, run                                n/a

September: The light between oceans 97%

October: Blackkklansman                         93.9%

November: Land of mine                           88.7%

December: The man who invented Christmas n/a


January: Can you ever forgive me?         94.7%

February: Timbuktu 75.4%