Past films and ratings

Films shown at WFS since its relaunch in 2014, all of which are still available for loan from the library.  Approval ratings are based on a score of 2 for Good, 1 for OK and 0 for poor, irrespective of the size of the audience.

2014: Audience favourites – Untouchable and Oranges and sunshine

Early January: Untouchable  97%

Late January: A hijacking                       89.5%

February: The angel’s share                    80%

March: Wadjda                                           95.5%

April: Bicycle thieves                                66.5%

May; Oranges and sunshine                   97%

June: The well-digger’s daughter        95.5%

September: The secret in their eyes    86%

October: Searching for Sugarman        83%

November: The white ribbon                 79%

2015: Audience favourite – I’ve loved you so long

Early Jan: I’ve loved you so long        98%

Late January: Some like it hot               87%

February: The hunt                                  92%

March: The lunch box                             78%

April: London river                                  89.5%

May: Two days one night                        86%

June: Jean de Florette                            94.5%

September: Ida                                         78%

October: About Elly                                 72.5%

November: A good woman                    82.5%

2016: Audience favourite – Manon des Sources

Early January: Little Miss Sunshine     96%

Late January: Man on wire                     97%

February: In a better world                    91.5%

March: Selma                                             88%

April: Wild Tales                                        78.5%

May: Pride                                                   95.5%

June: The artist                                          81%

September: Philomena                             94.5%

October: Argo                                             86.5%

November: Manon des Sources              98%

December: Woman in gold                      94.5%

2017: Audience favourite – Like father like son

January: What we did on our holidays  96.5%

February: Locke                                          69%

March: Like father like son                       97%

April: Carol                                                   50%

May: Night train to Lisbon                       88%

June: Le concert                                       95%

September: 45 years                                66%

October: Human capital                           83%

November: Love is strange                      74%

2018: Audience favourite – A united kingdom

Early January: Sully                                   98%

Late January: Love and friendship        73%

February: Mother                                       62.5%

March: I, Daniel Blake                               95.5%

April: Eye in the sky                                   93%

May: Barbara                                               86.5%

June: A United Kingdom                           99%

September: Tangerines                             95%

October: Midnight in Paris                        93.5%

November: Of time and the city              83.3%

December: Paddington 2                          n/a

2019: Audience favourites – The fencer and Hidden figures

Early January: Lion                                    96.1%

Late January: The fencer                       100%

February: Loving Vincent                         90.8%

March: Hidden figures                             100%

April: Julieta                                                n/a

May: Film stars don’t die in Liverpool    62%

June: Fargo                                                  n/a

July: Rebelove (Rebels)                             n/a

August: Run Lola, run                                n/a

September: The light between oceans 97%

October: Blackkklansman                         93.9%

November: Land of mine                          88.7%

December: The man who invented Christmas n/a


January 3: Can you ever forgive me?  94.7%

January 31: Timbuktu                              75.4%

February: Cold War                                   94%