See you all again

on Friday 28 Jan

Official Secrets

Subject to any further announcement, we will resume meetings on the above date with Official secrets, based on the true story of the whistleblower at GCHQ Cheltenham. Where does loyalty lie, to one’s country or to one’s sense of truth and justice. A film to have you debating. Trailer.

For your safety

What you should do, and what we will do:

  • Please do not attend unless you have been at least double-jabbed
  • If you can, obtain a negative lateral flow test before attending
  • Wear a mask when socialising and before taking your seat
  • Maintain social distancing especially near the entrance and kitchen
  • Both Langley and Sudeley rooms will be open during the film to provide extra space
  • Chairs will be sanitised and distanced
  • Hand sanitiser is available at the entrance
  • High ventilation will aid air circulation without causing cold

Future programme

The death of Stalin, 25 February

It’s Moscow March 1953, and the man who has evoked fear in the hearts of everyone around him for 30 years lies dead. Who will take over? Who will stab whom in the back? Molotov, Malenkov, Soldier, Spy? Trailer.

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