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Friday 31 January, 7 for 7.30pm

Mauretania/France 2014: 1hr 37, Cert 12A

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A cattle herder and his family living in the dunes of Timbuktu find their quiet lives abruptly disturbed when Jihadists arrive. 

General agreement that the quality of the film on screen was fantastic, following the major investment in new equipment. ‘As good or better than Cineworld.’ More work will be done on volume controls before the next meeting to achieve the optimum level.

The DVD library also proved popular with a record number of borrowings. See library page on this website for more ways to return them.

The film itself divided opinion with a 75% approval rating. Verdicts included:

Fantastic, very moving.

Beautiful cinematography but quite demanding – Sue H.

Anonymous motor-cyclist in green had saddle blanket like madwoman’s so probably he was the dancer.

Bitterly disappointed. The violence was gratuitous – the death of the cow was lingered over, the lashings went on for a long time, although admittedly the stoning was short. If I had known what it was like, I would not have come – Sue C.

We couldn’t say Timbuktu was enjoyable, but it was certainly powerful and thought-provoking with amazing film-work in authentic settings. What struck us was the very calm, quiet “reasonable” tone – no melodramatic screaming or shouting or even “unjustifiable” (to the Islamists) violence …. like watching a fly-on-the-wall documentary – Sue and Steve T.

Wonderful film. The background was so beautiful and the savagery somehow even more horrifying because of the politeness with which it was carried out. Utterly memorable – Jane E.

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